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"I was privileged to use this nurse-friendly system for staffing and reporting for over 10 years. I was able to compare it to an inferior program when administration bought another system, and I "had" to use it! NO comparison, NPP is so much easier and efficient . It does the complete job! I also know you built it with input from nurses...in other words you listened to our needs. Thanks again for NPP (Nursing Productivity Pak)."

-Acute Care Rehabilitation Charge Nurse


Welcome. The Nursing Productivity Pak is designed to help nurses receive safe, fair and balanced patient assignments and encourage efficient and timely shift reports. The Acuity Grading Tool helps Charge Nurses to quickly generate patient care assignments that are based on the census, the care level of patients and the facility's staffing policies. The Staffing Mix Calculator and the Staff Assignment Tool then print out all the patient care data for each nurse and aide, ensuring accurate and legible patient care worksheets at the beginning of each shift. The goal of this software is to help the nursing staff to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively...working smarter, not harder.

 N u r s i n gP r o d u c t i v i t yP a k  

The NPP is a powerful and easy to use package of nursing tools that:
  • grades Patient Acuity,
  • calculates Staffing requirements based on census and acuity,
  • provides Inter-shift Communication Masters for Charge Nurses
  • generates Staff Shift Assignments,
  • produces Patient Care Worksheets for Nurses and Aides (several styles to choose from),
  • stores patient care-specific data

The NPP places legible and current patient care information in the hands of Nurses and Aides at the beginning of each shift. No more copying of scribbled, barely legible information! Inter-shift communication, continuity of care and error free nursing are all issues directly addressed by the Nursing Productivity Pak.


  • Acuity Grading Tool grades each patient by up to 16 patient care categories (2 categories are optional). Acuity Rating appears on each nurse's and aide's Patient Care Worksheet, the Patient Data Form and the Patient Census List. It is also used by the Daily Staffing Calculator to compute (via user-modifiable parameters) the number of RN's, LVN's/LPN's and CNA's that are allowed for an individual shift, patient census and patient acuity.
  • nurses may choose from 4 different worksheet styles
  • detailed staff and patient databases
  • creates staff assignments in seconds
  • prints patient assignment worksheets for nurses and aides
  • easily customize Room #'s, staff and patient data, pop up menu items, etc.
  • reference calendar
  • spell checking, with custom User-defined vocabulary
  • simple, intuitive interface
  • help provided in plain English
  • powerful search and sort database tools
  • complex calculations performed at the touch of a button
  • tools to generate reports, track trends (e.g. infection control, staff and patient issues, etc.)

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