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Windows 3.1 Users

The Nursing Productivity Pak is also capable of being used on older Windows operating systems, such as Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11. But first, Win32s 1.30c must be installed. Disk copies of Win32s 1.30c are available for download by clicking on the following link:

Download Win32s 1.30c (win32s130c.exe 2.9mb)


Print the following instructions and use as a reference.

Installing Win32s 1.30c will add modern capabilities to the older operating systems. The installation process involves the following steps: downloading the Disk Copies, creating the Win32s Diskettes, installing Win32s from the Diskettes and restarting your computer.

Creating Win32s diskettes

To create Win32s diskettes:

1. Format three 1.44 MB diskettes and name them Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3.

2. Drag the contents of the corresponding folders from the Download (C:\win32s) onto the floppy disks.

Important Disk names, filenames and paths cannot be modified or the Win32s installation will fail.

Before you install Win32s:

1. Open the 386 Enhanced control panel and change the virtual memory type to Permanent.

2. Make sure the swapfile size is at least 20480 KB.

3. Select Use 32-Bit Disk Access and Use 32-Bit file Access, if available.

If you have made any changes, restart Windows before installing Win32s. If no changes were necessary, continue with installation.

Install Win32s:

4. Insert the Win32s Disk1. In the Program Manager, choose Run from the File menu and type a:\setup.exe from the Program Manager. Follow the Win32s setup instructions.

5. When the Win32s installation is complete, the FreeCell Setup dialog box appears. To verify that the Win32s software has been installed correctly, you should install the game FreeCell, included with Win32s version 1.30c.

6. Restart your computer before installing the Nursing Productivity Pak.

Double-click on the Nursing Productivity Pak.exe icon in the C:\EZRecord folder.

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